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We Believe in the preservation of the environment
and manufacture products designed to reduce the
flow of contaminants into our rivers and streams.

Innovative Storm Drain Products

Zymark Inc, provides stormwater products. Zymark compact storm drain filter catch basin, outfall debris traps are sold through a network of waterworks distributors. The outfall pipe debris trap is required by the EPA..NPDES.. National Pollution Discharge Elimination System...The Zymark compact outfall debris trap is available in 6"- 8"- 10" and 12" (outfall pipe) sizes, and is preferred by municipalities, engineers and contractors because proprietary design, allows for ease of installation, as well as ease of removal, should jetting the line be required. 

Compact Design

The compact design allows the municipal storm water maintenance crew, to insert a vactor hose, into the catch basin, without the need to remove the debris trap. The NPDES municipal plan , requires scheduled cleaning of the catch basin, so the Zymark compact debris trap, is estimated to save the municipality as much as 25%, with regard to the cleaning process.

Reduce Expenditures

The NPDES municipal plan, requires scheduled cleaning of the catch basin. Zymark compact debris trap, is estimated to save the municipality as much as 25%, with regard to the cleaning process.

State-Of-The-Art Filtration System

Zymark Inc, also supplies a StreamSaver tm System, that combines an Absorbent W tm primary filter, with a geotextile insert, designed to collect and filter storm water, for commercial storm drain catch basins. The Absorbent W tm primary filter has been tested and judged to be an excellent absorber of petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

This "storm drain" catch basin debris trap prevents floatable materials, such as trash, oils, metals and debris, from entering the storm drain system and finding its way into our national waterways.

Persuant to the Clean Water Act, Section 402, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System was created which in effect requires all municipalities to block and maintain their storm water runoff to prevent contaminants from entering our watercourses.

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